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Svane was founded on 1 March 2002 by Arne Ølholm Jørgensen and Niels Svane Møller – hence the name Svane Entreprise.

At that time the company was located at Mådevej 80 in Esbjerg.

In the beginning, it was based on man and car/excavator, and in the start-up years 10-12 men were employed, mainly digging for cable TV for Esbjerg municipality.

In 2004 – 2005, the fiber network started to be built and work was done for the then Sydvest Energi.

Sydvest Energi changed its name to Syd Energi – later Stofa and now Norlys, which is a stable partner of Svane Entreprise today. Over the years, many meters of trenches and cables have been dug down for Norlys.

In connection with the municipal amalgamation in 2007, when Esbjerg, Ribe and Bramming municipalities were merged, Svane was assigned the contract to dig between the various town halls in the municipalities – a task of approximately 100 km, where empty pipes were laid so that fiber cables could subsequently be blown through.

In 2016 the cooperation with EVII started, and here too there is a close cooperation in terms of burying fiber cables, as well as street lighting – this cooperation is also there today.

Throughout the years, Svane has also buried power cables for various supply companies and electrical contractors.

In 2006, the premises became too small and the site at Måde Kirkevej 31 Esbjerg was purchased, where the current office building was constructed.

In 2007, a warehouse was added, along with a workshop and staff rooms.

The tasks increased and more employees had to be hired, so in 2013 the extension to the office was added, when a large framework agreement was also signed with Syd Energi for the installment of fiber networks.

Today 2022 we employ about 100 people, consisting of 80 hourly and 20 salaried employees, as well as various permanent subcontractors. Tasks are mainly carried out in southern Jutland/Fyn/Langeland/the islands.

In August 2022 Niels and Arne chose to sell their business to Local Investorgroup – where Torben Ilsøe Nielsen was appointed as new CEO and co-owner.

The former owners are still part of Svane Entreprise, and will be until the summer of 2023.

All tasks remain within the supply areas, such as Fibernet, Electricity, Street lighting etc